Dubrising news

“Dubrising” is almost ready to be sent to be manufactured at Optimal in Germany.


In addition to a regular 33RPM LP, the album will be available as a double 45RPM 12″ pressed on 180g vinyl.


But in addition to this limited audiophile edition, we’ve asked Jacques Golub, to cut / engrave (as opposed to press) 25 copies of “Dubrising” as a double 45 RPM. Jacques is the head of the Kingston Connexion label (by all means check his releases and like him on FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kingston-connexion-news/394957567269193), as well as an expert in the rare art of cutting / engraving (rather than pressing) records from virgin vinyl plates. This is somewhat akin to cutting an acetate, except it’s cutting directly on the vynil finished product. Like a dubplate so to speak.


The sound is like from a different planet. Not at all like on the following 7 second clip that Jacques just shot with his phone as he was cutting the first song of the first record!





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