Sly & Robbie 4 Kenzo

In August 2016, Kenzo emailed me they wanted to invite Sly & Robbie to perform during their fashion show on October 4, 2016. Unfortunately, Sly & Robbie were scheduled to play in Honolulu that night as part of their US tour with the TAXI GANG. So I offered to make a 15 minute mix instead.

I worked with Kenzo’s art director Jean-René Etienne on this exciting project and gave a couple of mixes, so he would have a choice and we finalized the mix the night before the show. I used Garageband to produce a nice sounding rough mix and then used Pioneer XDJ’s and a Rane MP2014 mixer for the final mix.

Here is Kenzo’s official video, featuring “Dirty Taxi”


Here is the entire mix, entitled “Riddim Machine”



One Fine Dub = Sly & Robbie + Brinsley Forde


long time no post anything. I’m not going to try and hide behind shallow excuses like I’ve been swamped or anything of that nature. Truth be told, I just let this blog slip out of my mind.


I am in no mood to write a long piece today, I just would like to show the world what the cover of ONE FINE DUB is going to look like. One Fine Dub is the Groucho Smykle-mixed dub companion to Sly & Robbie + Brinsley Forde’s “One Fine Day” album, which will come out some time in early 2017. Why the dub album BEFORE the vocal album, you might ask???? First of all, why not? More seriously, it is because I’m an asshole perfectionist and I want the mix of the vocal album needs to be hard, heavy and frightening in a sense. And have a JAMAICAN sound. So, as soon as Robbie is back in Jamaica, Steven Stanley and him are going to get on the case…


Robbie has so much on his plate work-wise right now that it may take a while before the thing is finalized… As a result, it may be the first time that a dub album will be released BEFORE the vocal album! But more on that brand new dub album shortly… Remember, today, I wanna talk about the artwork, and nothing but the artwork.


A couple of years ago, after I released Dubrising, I got really interested in video games graphic artists and thought I’d love to explore this area further. I found this guy Joseph Gloria Chapalys and fell in love with his stuff, some which you can check at


We met and hit it off right away. The dude is awesomely gifted and professional unlike others in his field that consider themselves as artists and act like what they think artists should (ie: being real douche bags and late and fucked up). To make a long story short, I commissioned the illustration below as a first step of what I hope will be a long collaboration with TABOU1. The lettering and so forth will be refined.


So the front will look like this:


Sly and Rob cover 2


while the back, where the tracklist, credits, logos, etc… will appear, will look something like that, but better and more professional as I just did a quick and dirty lettering job myself using the toolbox of the Preview application on my Mac which obviously is not as powerful as professional software…


Sly and Rob back copy.


I know I know this doesn’t look like a Reggae or a Dub album. That is PRECISELY why I like it. I haven’t been a huge fan of the ites green and gold color code in many many years, quite frankly. I kinda like how angular and aggressive these graphics are.


So there you have it, I hope you like it. Feel free to drop comments, questions or what not, I’ll gladly answer.


Until then stay away from dubstep and other electronic music monstrosities!!! Dub IS NOT EDM (and vice versa). Roots music crafted by real musicians, preferably recorded live in the studio, is the way.

Dubrising news

“Dubrising” is almost ready to be sent to be manufactured at Optimal in Germany.


In addition to a regular 33RPM LP, the album will be available as a double 45RPM 12″ pressed on 180g vinyl.


But in addition to this limited audiophile edition, we’ve asked Jacques Golub, to cut / engrave (as opposed to press) 25 copies of “Dubrising” as a double 45 RPM. Jacques is the head of the Kingston Connexion label (by all means check his releases and like him on FB, as well as an expert in the rare art of cutting / engraving (rather than pressing) records from virgin vinyl plates. This is somewhat akin to cutting an acetate, except it’s cutting directly on the vynil finished product. Like a dubplate so to speak.


The sound is like from a different planet. Not at all like on the following 7 second clip that Jacques just shot with his phone as he was cutting the first song of the first record!




Sly Dunbar in full effect in the studio

I was in Kingston early January 2016 for a (too) short week or so. As usual when I’m there, I booked a few days at Gussie Clarke’s Anchor Studios and recorded Sly, Robbie, Robbie Lyn, Mikey Chung and my son Joseph (a super guitar player).


We licked about 30 riddims for Bitty McLean, Corner Stonaz (more on them later) and whosoever we will want to voice in the future.


Here is a very rough mix of the mighty Sly Dunbar on three of the songs we did